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Owner & Baker

Hello friends, my name is Zhaleh (Jaleh) the owner and baker of Jaleh bakery.
I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. I studied graphic design and print. I live in the bay area with my family, I have two adorable sons.

I’ve always loved baking and cooking, but I would have never thought I would become a baker one day. I started baking seriously after I moved to state because it was almost impossible to find good quality pastry and sweets (Persian style, of course). I was looking for organic and low sugar recipes. So, I started searching, baking and practicing to learn step by step and little by little. I almost bake everything from scratch, and I always use the best organic quality ingredients.

Jaleh Bakery

Around 2017 my friends and family and especially my two sons encouraged me to share my love and passion for baking with the others and Jaleh Bakery was born.

Jaleh bakery started to shape and grow as organic home bakery with a touch of Persia taste. All my products are low sugar, organic and full of love and joy. Some happy moments from my home to yours.
Each and every item produced by Jaleh Bakery is lovingly handmade, with great pride taken in the preparation, baking and delivery. All the recipes are inspired by both local and Persian favorites. I am constantly willing to experiment with new flavors and combinations, as I do the traditional Persian sweets and pastry too, so the list of delicious on offer is ever growing.
I am still learning, searching and practicing every day. I am so proud of myself to come this far and so happy to share them with you.